Panoteriai anthem

Where the Notera meanders in waves

Through the fields, decorated by Vaičiūnas,

For many years the Panoteriai have lived –

They used to be called Chapels.

Hard-working people grew bread here,

With their feathers they celebrated their beloved land.

They stood on the wall for their homeland,

They defended their ancestors’ language and writing.

Green forests and meadows in bloom

And the waving spires of the church.

God bless and keep

The dear land, to return to where one longs to go.

As if birds had left their nests here,

Her children are scattered throughout the world.

Here the Notera meanders in waves,

And the waxflowers bloom in the fields…

“Let’s go, linden and birch trees,

The most beautiful songs forever.

The nests of the cranes… home to be born… –

These are the Panothers of us all.