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About education:

Executed educational programs: making of traditional fried eggs, buns, bread, cheese, butter, (lt. cepelinai) grated potato dumplings. If arranged in advance – you can learn one dish and learn how to make it.
Events happen inside the community facilities, in case of good weather – in the park of Kulva‘s manor.
After event participants will be able to try traditional Kulva kvass (traditional bread drink) and to play disc golf.

Note: pre-registration is mandatory.

Adresas: Kulvos Culture center, Kauno str. 28

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About education in brief:

  • Duration – 1,5 hours
  • Group consists of – 10 people
  • Price for for children, elderly, disable people – 4 euros
  • Price for adults – 8 euros



Registration is required for anyone wishing to enter this education:

Tel. +370 611 494 42


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    The project “Ways of Jonava Region Writing” is dedicated to the preservation and nurturing of famous people of Jonava region who have contributed to the basics of the history of Lithuanian writing: Abraomas Kulvietis, Petras Vaičiūnas, Justinas Vareikis.

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