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Information abour the route:

We recommend starting this route from Abraomas Kulvietis’ hometown – Kulva Manor Park, where you can walk around the park, visit the artificially formed hill fort and altar, as well as gain energy by embracing the oak. If any spare time is left – you can play disc golf (an increasingly popular game in Lithuania). Next, we recommend traveling to the highest place in the region – Abraomas Kulvietis Obelisk. There you can gaze at the landscape and take some photos. Afterwards you can go and enjoy the abundance and beauty of the deer on the roadside homestead in Batėgala village. A lot of deer are raised there. The last visit on the route is a visit to Little Žinėnai, where you can stay in nature, relax and listen to the chirping birds. There is a possibility to have a picnic and take photos in a unique place – in the outcrop, where you can spend a healthy and meaningful time.

Route lenght– around 12 km, duration – up to 3 hours. On foot, walking with walking sticks, riding a bicycle – up to 1,5 hours, by car – 20 min.

Guide serviceIf tour date and time are arranged in advance – there is a possibility for tour guide service. 1 hour price: adults – 2 euro; children, elderly, disabled people – 1 euro. Group consists of – 15 people.

Avialable tour extras:rental of Nordic sticks (free of charge); disc golf rental (free of charge).


  • On foot – 3 hours
  • By bike  – 1,5 hours
  • By car – 20 min
  • Distance: 12 km
  • Duration: 1,5 val
  • Group of 15-20 people

Route objects

Kulva manor park

55.10175530284349, 24.170670740660356

Abraomas Kulvietis obelisk

55.0869579910616, 24.157038702290865

Deer farm

55.03839355331, 24.103514343350326

Small Žinėnai hill fort

55.01911830663889, 24.106670413232017


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The project “Ways of Jonava Region Writing” is dedicated to the preservation and nurturing of famous people of Jonava region who have contributed to the basics of the history of Lithuanian writing: Abraomas Kulvietis, Petras Vaičiūnas, Justinas Vareikis.

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