Information about the route:

We recommend starting this route from the oak tree, which is in Kulva Manor Park. Take a walk in the park, admire the nature, have a picnic and a game of disc golf. We also invite you to go to the highest place in the “world” to admire the landscape. The route ends with a visit to the Kulva State Geomorphological Reserve.

Route lenght – around 8 km, duration – up to 1,5 hours. Recommended to go on foot, walking with walking sticks, riding a bicycle.

Guide service If tour date and time are arranged in advance – there is a possibility for tour guide service. 1 hour price: adults – 2 euro; children, elderly, disabled people – 1 euro. Group consists of – 5 people.

Available tour extras:rental of Nordic sticks (free of charge); disc golf rental (free of charge).

About the route in brief:

  • On foot – 1,5 hours
  • By bike – 1 hours
  • By car – 40 min
  • Distance: 8 km
  • Duration: 1,5 val
  • Group of 15 people

Route objects

Kulva Oak tree

55.10232014619063, 24.170610654471965

Tallest place "in the world" Kulva scenery

55.087063804785345, 24.15639182387447

Kulva national geomorphological reserve

55.066736064565745, 24.143250899777566


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The project “Ways of Jonava Region Writing” is dedicated to the preservation and nurturing of famous people of Jonava region who have contributed to the basics of the history of Lithuanian writing: Abraomas Kulvietis, Petras Vaičiūnas, Justinas Vareikis.

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