Dubiai mound


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Other names – Batarėja, Užupiai. Dubiai mound is in Jonava region, Upninkai ward, on the right bank of the Sventoji river, just below the confluence with Sirvinta River.

Its height is 14 m. The hill fort was used in the second half of the 1st millennium and at the beginning of the 2nd millennium.

In 1971, the hill fort was explored by the Institute of History. There are many other archaeological monuments in its vicinity, which shows that in the past these areas were densely populated.

By the resolution of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, Dubiai hill fort was declared a cultural monument (1998). The area of the monument is 0.8 ha. The hill fort and its surroundings have been arranged.

Stairs were installed. The coronation day of King Mindaugas is traditionally commemorated on the Dubiai hill fort.


  • GPS LAT 55.106409
  • GPS LNG 24.549969


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