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In the process of education of the Panoteriai School, great attention was paid to the memory of the compatriot, poet and playwright, who originated from the village of Piliakalniai.

On July 11, 1990, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of P. Vaiciūnas, the school was conferred the name of our compatriot Petras Vaičiūnas.

In 1997, the Vaičiūnai club, headed by teacher methodologist Audronė Žagunienė, was established at the school. His activities were attended by the students in the grades 5–10, who enjoyed creating, acting and reading poems. Here they learned to feel the beauty of language and the art of acting. Vaičiūnai residents were active participants in school and district events. Since 2002, Panoteriai P.Vaičiūnas Basic School together with Jonava District Education and Culture Department organized a regional creative competition for general education schoolchildren in the memory of P. Vaičiūnas. Seven booklets of the district’s students who participated in the competition were published. Since 2009, the Vaičiūnai club organized regional artistic reading events for students of Jonava district basic schools every two years, which were also dedicated to the memory of P. Vaičiūnas.

In 2019, the last artistic reading competition of Jonava district general education schools took place in 2019, as from September 1, 2019 the school stopped working – it was closed. The COVID-19 pandemic and strict quarantine disrupted the organization of the competition in 2020. The activities of the Vaičiūnai club ceased – only the memories and works of the students, printed in books, remained.  


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The project “Ways of Jonava Region Writing” is dedicated to the preservation and nurturing of famous people of Jonava region who have contributed to the basics of the history of Lithuanian writing: Abraomas Kulvietis, Petras Vaičiūnas, Justinas Vareikis.

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