Panoteriai culture centre (Panoteriai community house)


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Ensembles, amateur theatre festivals and community celebrations are active in the Panoteriai Culture Centre. In 1985, a women’s vocal ensemble, whose leader is Leonora Veselkienė, was formed. The ensemble started its repertoire with simple and heart-pleasing songs that later was joined by a band of young people. Continuing to work with the members of the ensemble, ancient folk songs were selected for the repertoire, and the ensemble turned into a folklore ensemble. In 2000, the ensemble was given the name ‘Vosilkėliai’.

The ensemble ‘Vosilkėliai’ actively represents the community at the anniversary celebrations of P. Vačiūnas’ birth in Panoteriai and various district and national events. The year 2002 was recorded in the history of Panoteriai cultural life as the beginning of the republican festival of rural amateur theatres “Under mother land shelter”, dedicated to the anniversary of P. Vaičiūnas’ birth. One of the main theatres of the event is the Panoteriai Amateur Theatre, which is held annually after the premiere. The centre also organizes exhibitions of folk artists, poetry evenings, and community celebrations.


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The project “Ways of Jonava Region Writing” is dedicated to the preservation and nurturing of famous people of Jonava region who have contributed to the basics of the history of Lithuanian writing: Abraomas Kulvietis, Petras Vaičiūnas, Justinas Vareikis.

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