Markutiškės manot park


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Markutiskės Park is located about 1 km from the highway Jonava – Ukmergė, about 20 m from the road Upninkai – Bukonys. The park covers an area of ​​7 hectares. It is a natural monument of local significance. It is a mixed type, planted in the 19th century. Local and imported species of trees and shrubs grow here. A total of 50 species of plants are counted: 21 – native, 29 – imported tree and shrub varieties. Six Weimuth pines and 32 European larch trees are mentioned. The pride of the park is the blue-throated peacock. The park also grows 22 m high linden, rich in maple species, dominated by perennial linden.

There are now 6 ponds in the park. The right tributary of the Neris, the Loke, flows through two of them. A beautiful dam and a falling waterfall give the park landscape a mystery. The park is peaceful.

Multi-coloured geniuses, nightingales, crows, thrushes and breeding owls live here. Bridges were built over the resulting island. Two mounds adorn the landscape of the park.

The park is supervised, visited by vacationers, tourists and excursions. You can go boating, fishing and swimming. The water in the Loki stream is cold. Wild ducks, white swans and wild geese breed in the dam ponds. The shores of the ponds are rich in blue reeds, and colonies of white and yellow lilies bloom in summer. Crayfish, pearls, perch and ropes live in Loke stream. Pikes are caught in the ponds. The park area is surrounded by surviving lime alley paths that extend from the west side and surround the park to the northeast.

The park is visited by tourists, guests and vacationers and project activities take place in it.


  • GPS LAT 55.13891059717127
  • GPS LNG 24.397804529582004


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