Panoteriai St. Church of the Discovery of the Cross ensemble


About object:

It consists of the former old church built in 1946. At present, it has turned into a chapel where services are held in the cold season. The new church building, erected in 1994. The rectory of the 1989 construction and churchyard.

Church history

The first church in Panoteriai was built in 1441. From 1584 to 1700, it would belong to evangelical reformers. Panoteriai Church belongs to fifty oldest churches in Lithuania. Before the war, the parish had 3,000 believers. On September 22, 1941, the church presumably burned from a candle. A temporary church was installed in the place of the hospital. However, on July 27, 1944, it burned from the incendiary bullets. During 1944–1946, the premises for the church were rented in V. Brimeriene’s house, and a house for prayers was built on the site of the hospital: half of it was dedicated to the church and another half to the rectory.

On April 5, 1989, under the pastor of priest Vytautas Kazimieras Pesliakas, a permit was received from the then Council of Ministers for the construction of a new church. It was the first church built after the restoration of the Lithuania’s independent state, consecrated on August 21, 1994.

The project was prepared for the church by Kaunas architect Birutė Kugevičienė. The building is in neo-Gothic modern style, with two towers at the front and one at the altar. The roof is covered with red painted tin. The whole church is built of yellow brick, not plastered on the outside, with an arched ceiling, is square, three naves.

The decoration of the church is stained glass. The large ones – above the central entrance, between the towers – and two stained glass windows on both sides of the altar were created by stained glass artist N. Baginskiene. Their acquisition was financed by the joint-stock company Achema. The side stained glass windows are based on biblical scenes from the mysteries of the rosary (13 “windows” according to the illustrations in the book “Mary’s Rosary”).

The interior of the church is made of natural wood. On the altar of the right nave is a picture depicting St. Joseph. This painting is included in the list of cultural values ​​to be protected.

The old church, now known as the Chapel for 25 years, hosts services during winter. It is also equipped with tasteful stained glass windows, created by the student of the famous stained glass master M.Usinskas, if we are not mistaken, in the surname J. Laurinaitis.


  • GPS LAT 55.196463
  • GPS LNG 24.434653


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