Panoteriai manor


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The territory of Panoteriai manor is located in the economic zone of the present town of Panoteriai, 300 meters northwest of the road Panoteriai – Siesikai.

The Panoteriai manor and field were first mentioned in the Lithuanian archives in 1597. It is believed that at the beginning of the seventeenth century, the manor was ruled by Mr. Taras, who led the battles in this place with the Crusaders, and hence the place name was named in his honour.

In the 19th century the manor owned 10 walks (about 210 ha) of land and was ruled by the nobles Domeikos. The last supervisor of the manor was Antanas Domeika, a well-mannered and ordinary man. His father lived in Germany, so Antanas was fluent in German. In addition, he was interested in medicine and treated local people. It is believed that A. Domeika comes from the famous Domeikai-Kontrymų nobility family.

The economic affairs of the Panoteriai manor were managed by his wife, who liked to sue the neighbours for berries, mushrooms in the manor forests, and the appearance of animals in the manor lands. The lady was quite cruel to the mercenaries – while they were working in the fields, Mrs. Domeikiene showed up with a flock of dogs and supervised their work.

Domeikos twice retreated from their home. After World War I, Domeikos retreated to the depths of Russia. In 1915, the Panoteriai Primary School was relocated from Pasoda village to their manor and operated here until 1919, when the gentlemen returned from exile. The Domeikos left their home for the second time on June 14, 1941, after the deportations to Siberia began. According to the people’s stories, both gentlemen died in exile. The son and daughter, returning from exile, lived in Kaunas.

After the war, there was a milk reception point in the manor, and the builders of the collective farm repaired the farm buildings, the barn and the barn, which are still in use today. There is no dairy, on the site of the manor in 1986. A 2,000-ton grain warehouse and dryer were built.


  • GPS LAT 55.200924
  • GPS LNG 24.435123


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