Panoteriai town square


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The most suitable place for the central square of Panoteriai town was in front of the church. When the gentlemen came to the Mass, the farmers built chariots and carts in it. According to people’s stories, before World War I, the square was bustling with parish markets where farmers traded their produce. In 1946, a wooden house for farmers deported to Siberia, which housed a library-house of culture was brought to the square from Boreišiai village. Until 2008, it hosted various cultural events.

The town centre also recalls difficult and cruel times. After trips to the villages of Panoteriai parish to recruit farmers to the collective farms, the strips laid the bodies of the shot people in the square so that the passing and passing people could see what awaited them if they did not agree to join the collective farms. No matter how diligently the bodies were protected, they disappeared after the night – they were taken by relatives and buried.

Sports competitions and trainings took place in the undeveloped meadow, because until 1967 the Panoteriai School did not have a gym. 1982 a concert hall was presented next to the old house of culture. Three years later, a building erected in the square, which housed an outpatient clinic and a library. 2006 the wooden building of the House of Culture was demolished, and the community house of the Panoteriai region of Jonava district was located in a brick building built on the same foundations.

In 2018, the town square and the state flags were hoisted in the central square in September, which are hoisted every year in September. Today, guests are welcomed in this square from there sightseeing tours begin.


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