Lower Kulva manor


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Kulva Manor (Lower Kulva Manor) – a former manor in Central Lithuania, now present in the village of Kulva that belonged to the Gedgaudai (Ginvilas) family of the Lithuanian nobles (12 of their representatives are mentioned, dating back to the 12th century). Later the landowners Kulviečiai, former nobles of the medium wealth, ruled it.

The manor park has survived. Abraomas Kulvietis (1510? –1545), a Lithuanian cultural figure and professor at the University of Karaliaučius (a monument erected in his hometown – an obelisk and a memorial plaque) was born and died in Kulva manor.

The old manor did not remain – for participation in 1831 and 1863. During the uprisings, the tsarist authorities confiscated it and the manor was destroyed.


  • GPS LAT 55.10168321008724
  • GPS LNG 24.171269337340377


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