Markutiškės manor


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The buildings of Markutiškės manor were erected in the 19th century. The whole complex consisted of a wooden two-headed central building, outbuildings, stables, a winter garden and a water mill. The manor was ruled by the landowners Okuliciai. The owner of the manor himself worked in Jonava, in the bank. The landlords also had houses in Kaunas. There was never a shortage of guests at the palace, and various receptions took place. The landlord took care of the winter garden.

As the Soviet occupation approached, in 1939, the owners settled in Kaunas, and the manor was taken care of by the neighbours living in Pupkuliai. The further fate of the landowners is unknown, after the restoration of Lithuania’s independence, no applicants for property ownership appeared.

During the post-war period, in 1946, a machine-tractor station (MTS) was established in the territory of the manor, which was later reorganized into the Land Reclamation Board (MSV). During 1964-1970, the reclamators of the board carried out reclamation works in our country. Markutiskses district and Markutiskes post office were located in one of the manor buildings. There was a library, shop and culture house in the farm buildings. The watermill stopped spinning around 1960. Near the entrance to the manor (at the crossroads) stood a stone cross (believed to have been built by gentlemen). After the establishment of the MTS, the cross was ordered to be demolished. This was done by one tractor driver who, if we believed people’s stories, later became blind.

In the 1990s, MSV moved to Jonava, but built a new wooden cross for the people of our country. MSV made a significant contribution to the preservation of the landscape of Markutiskės Park – it paved the tracks, maintained and nurtured the vegetation. Reclamation festivals and other events took place there.


  • GPS LAT 55.14213840262391
  • GPS LNG 24.39618450730899


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