Šventoji ichthyologic reservation


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Šventoji State Ichtiological Reserve is located in the territories of Anyksčiai, Ukmergė and Jonava municipalities. It starts from Kavarskas (Anyksčiai district) and continues 67 km to the confluence of Neris and Šventoji rivers (Jonava district).

The area of the protected area is 1153 ha.

Šventoji Ichtiological Reserve was established in 1974 to preserve the spawning grounds of salmon, sea trout, trout and tench. The relief of this area is also protected.

The Upninkai State Botanical Reserve has been established on the right bank of Šventoji River to preserve the habitats of rare plant species and their communities.

The protected area covers an area of 101 ha. Šventoji is the longest river in Lithuania, which flows from its source to its mouth only through the territory of Lithuania (246 km).

In Jonava region, Upninkai ward, it flows into the Neris river. Šventoji is one of the most beautiful rivers in Lithuania. Particularly picturesque valleys, impressive steep outcrops in the lower reaches of the river. The river and its valley are suitable for recreation and water tourism.


  • GPS LAT 55.09456
  • GPS LNG 24.52869


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