Upninkai St. Archangel Michael‘s church 


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Upninkai St. Archangel Michael church is not in the central settlement of present-day Upninkai, but in the territory of the old Upninkai.

The first church in Upninkai was built around 1477 by Radvilas Astikas. In the second half of the 16th century and the first half of 17th century – a reformation church was functioning here.  In 1650, the owner of Upninkai manor Jurgis Gruzevskis was determined to build a new church.

The sanctuary built by Gruzevskis lasted 99 years. In 1750 St. St. Archangel Michael‘s church was renovated. 1781 the parish consisted of 2341 believers. There was a parish school in the town, where in 1782 there were 19 students.

In the beginning of the 19th century, a fire destroyed almost the entire town and church. Prior to the restoration of the house of prayer, worship services were held in the chapel in the rectory. After 1831, the Tsarist government shut it down. Upninkai Church lost parish rights in 1845. They were restored only around 1924.

The development of Upninkai churches shows that its period of prosperity was in the 18th century. The Baroque style prevailed in the field of art. That became clear in Upninkai wooden church in 1734. The church was formed by two towers on the main facade and a bell tower in the middle of the roof. Several fires (1807, 1842) destroyed the old architecture.

The current brick church, donated to the believers by the landowners Paskevičiai, is in a stone warehouse built of stone. Later, brick chapels and extensions of the wooden sacristy were erected. The current image of the church was acquired in 1907–1911, when a peculiar style was formed. The decorative design of the church was based on folk building traditions, complementing elements of modernism. The interior of the sanctuary was decorated with valuable works of sacred art that have survived from the former house of prayer. Every autumn, Upninkai Church hosts the famous St. Michael’s concessions, which attract many locals and guests.


  • GPS LAT 55.09126
  • GPS LNG 24.534488


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