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In the second half of the 18th century, there was a parish primary school in Upninkai. Historical sources indicate that in 1777 – 19 students studied in there, in 1781 –  4, in 1782 – 19, in 1809 – 10, in 1812 – 16.

In 1782, the school did not have a separate building. The organist in his apartment taught the children to read and write. After 1861–1863, the Lithuanian parish primary school in Upninkai was closed. Children were taught in Lithuanian by secret teachers.The Tsarist Primary School in Upninkai was opened in 1900. In 1937, there was a primary school in Upninkai. It had four sections. In 1949–1950, Upninkai Primary School became a seven-year-old (progymnasium).

With the rapid growth of the settlement, a new school building was built and an eight-year school was established (1964–1965). In 1981, the school had 269 students. In1986 the institution became an incomplete secondary school, and since September 1, 1987, it was reorganized into Upninkai Secondary School.

In 1988-1989 the school had 268 students. In 1990, the first graduation program was published. Since 1993, The Scout Society “Lietava” operated at the school and art education was strengthened. The institution participated in the activities of the Lithuanian Club of Initiative Schools, was famous for young writers, naturalists, artists and athletes.

On September 1, 2001, although the secondary school was reorganized into Upninkai Lower Secondary School, but successfully continued the traditions of the secondary school, participated in the activities of the club of quality-oriented educational institutions.

In 2001, the school had 203 students. On June 15, 2002, the 225th anniversary of the school in Upninkai was solemnly commemorated. The school history museum was opened on this occasion.

In 2012, school renovation completed. In 2013, Upninkai kindergarten was connected to Upninkai lower secondary school. In 2019, the institution was reorganized into the Upninkai branch of Jonava Lietava Lower Secondary School.



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