Neris and Sventoji confluence


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Neris and Šventoji river confluence – one of the most scenic places in Jonava region. From here you can see a picturesque view with Neris river bend. Šventoji River is also magnificent with its unique banks. According to a famous Lithuanian geographer prof. Česlovas Kudaba – in the past in the place of Šventoji River – a powerful river was flowing straight into the sea bay. During the interwar period in Lithuania, right next to the confluence of these two rivers, there was a manor established. Here during the summers of 1926-1936 associate professor Vladas Aglinskas was visited by Juozas Kaunas – Jonava city mayor.

Since ancient times, the confluence of Neris and Šventoji attracted travellers and scientists. In the XIX century, a Lithuanian historian, archaeologist, collectioneer Konstantinas Tiskevicius started a scientific expedition through Neris and its origins and outfalls.

In 2007, this journey was repeated by a historian and archaeologist, doc. Vykintas Vaitkevičius.


  • GPS LAT 55.093873
  • GPS LNG 24.351388


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